Tonight is the only night this week I can stay awake as long as I want to without an annoying alarm clock that kicks me out of bed in the morning. I had problems sleeping the last few days … So I will use the silence of this winter night to finish some writings…

I did a new job in 2011 in a whole different role. It was big fun and a success. I leave the company in a few days after two years to start my own. I wrote down some management learnings in another post. This one is little about business but my private things…

So what did I learn?

Friends are my backbone. There were at least two situations when I badly needed my friends. At one point I needed friends to hold me and at one point I needed a kick in my ass. I received both. I used to clear things with myself and didn’t feel comfortable bothering others with my problems. I don’t know if you have to become 28 to learn that friends are a great source for help but I’m happy to know now – maybe you are smarter. 🙂 I’m GRATEFUL for having you (very very much)! This is a THANK YOU!

Family is my past and my future. I visited my family in the north for a sad occasion (my uncle’s funeral) during the Christmas holidays… I haven’t been there for several years. Most relatives are old and life isn’t very cozy up there. My relatives haven‘t seen me for a very long time. To meet old people reminds us that life isn’t for the infinity. I’ve had a great talk with my grandfather about life and love, met my youngest cousine (1 1/2 years old) and was with my Mum during the funeral. Trust me – it is much better to visit the living than the dead. When it comes to family: time is NOT on your side.

Only moments become memories. As we can’t remember time-frames we have to create emotional moments we remember, the newer the experience the better. The easiest way is to travel. Even if we don’t travel there are many adventures around and inside us.

Pushing boundaries is key. Body and mind are our biggest construction sites. Once you stand infront of your inner conflicts and get far over your „comfort zone“ we learn, create exciting moments, and get the „real“ -self-confidence. There are true challenges, fears and borders inside all of us. I found some ;)…

The big stuff is overrated. The most important moments during this year weren’t expensive nor fancy. I’ve had the most beautiful situations with friends enjoying a meal together – this is life. Little is needed to be happy…

…and sometimes the universe is just a kiss.

Learning is more than money. I always thought a huge portion of my motivation depends on future financial outcomes. This year I realized I don’t do things for money but for learning. Fortunately, the willingness to learn is critical for success today. Maybe: Money comes when you really like what you do.

I wish you a wonderful 2012! Thanks for your support, the love and the happiness!



PS: I heartly invite you to comment on this post. And… The goal for 2012 is learning – not money.

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